vendredi 28 mars 2008

Brazilian Bunda 2

then, it struck me that what i needed to do was to focus more on the USA, and bring you guys the big booty girls next door. if i, personaly, was surfing the web for some big booty girls, what i would want to see is some girls that i can relate to. some big booty bitch, that i might bump in to at the grocery store, at the local starbucks, at the gym, at the movie theaters, on campus, anywhere that i personaly frequent. i think that's where the fantasy lies. that's what I, ME, Myself, Mr Cheeks, wants to see. and i can guarantee that most of you guys want to see that as well. see, when i started the site, i wanted to show people what i fantasised about. so if that's what you into as well, then welcome aboard. i knew the biggest mistake that i could make, is try pleasing everybody, or shooting things i thought people would like.
in any situation, booty is beautiful regardless of where it comes from, but i need to focus more on the homegrown booty

that said, i don't want to bore you guys with a lot of personal feelings. all that need to be known, is that is here to stay. 5 years from now, we'll be celebrating a decade. Long live the booty! god damn it..