vendredi 28 mars 2008

Assworhsip with Caramel

most of you should know Caramel by now, from the Snoop Dogg Video and sfuff. well we had the honor to work with her and it was hella fun. this girl is just playful by nature, and doing an ass worship scene with her, was just a breeze. i love her bubble butt. it is in part accentuated by her tiny little waist. just like an obsession, i kept slappin her sweet ass everytime i walked passed her.
anyways, the scene with Jay is hot. Caramel is into Sports Fuckin, ya know.. short but intense fuck sessions. shit was intense with Jay, and they were going at it like there was no tomorrow. i'm definitely gonna have her come back for another scene. and i already have ideas of what we're gonna do to her plump, juicy ass :)

i got some sick plans for OB, but i ain't gonna jinx the plans by sayin "i'm gonna do this, i'm gonna do that". whatever i got, i'm bringin it to you hot off the plate.

Brazilian Bunda 2

then, it struck me that what i needed to do was to focus more on the USA, and bring you guys the big booty girls next door. if i, personaly, was surfing the web for some big booty girls, what i would want to see is some girls that i can relate to. some big booty bitch, that i might bump in to at the grocery store, at the local starbucks, at the gym, at the movie theaters, on campus, anywhere that i personaly frequent. i think that's where the fantasy lies. that's what I, ME, Myself, Mr Cheeks, wants to see. and i can guarantee that most of you guys want to see that as well. see, when i started the site, i wanted to show people what i fantasised about. so if that's what you into as well, then welcome aboard. i knew the biggest mistake that i could make, is try pleasing everybody, or shooting things i thought people would like.
in any situation, booty is beautiful regardless of where it comes from, but i need to focus more on the homegrown booty

that said, i don't want to bore you guys with a lot of personal feelings. all that need to be known, is that is here to stay. 5 years from now, we'll be celebrating a decade. Long live the booty! god damn it..

jeudi 27 mars 2008

Big Birthday Booty

Kahfee Kakes got major, major, major booty. i must apologize though. we started shooting off location again, and we forgot to bring the tape measure with us. no worries though. we gonna bring her back, and when we do, we'll make sure to find out how big her booty really is. and not only is it big, her big booty is also nice to grab, squeeze, rub hump, do all types of naughty shit to it. brrrrr her booty feels good! hope you guys enjoy it (via the movies) as much as we did :)
before i leave, let me say a big thanx to all the OB fans. i love you motherfuckas to death. i'm really sorry about the lapse in updates, but i'm just trying hard to restructure. see in its inception, was never about money. it was more or less just for the big booty fans. then it turned into a real business and that took all the fun out of it. it took me a while to get adjusted. and i had to find out the hard way, that i had to take care of the business side of it just as much, if i want to keep bringing you guys the booty.
so recently, i had the brilliant idea to aquire and make sure that the money issue is taken care of ( is bound to be a success financially). then rework on OB and show to the people that i was not lying, it was never about the money, but rather about the booty. so like Rude Jude always says "Fuck with me people.." i am the real deal. i'm that mothafucka, the original booty lover. let's do this. Happy Birthday Bitches...

mercredi 26 mars 2008

Big Booty Brit

Miss Big Booty Brit. her name is Sophie. crazy british chick that loves niggaz, but never got to fuck one until she came to LA 4 weeks ago. but damn, we welcomed her very nice, hahaha. her pussy will never be the same. like my main man Nat said "she got ran through....
she got a nice plump ass, not the biggest, but still nice. and the scene turned out to be hardcore as hell. some major pounding at all levels, and the opening blowjob was intense as hell. this bitch can suck some major dick. and that look she gives you with those deep blue eyes, while she has your dick in her mouth, makes you want to splash your shit all over her face. and i never met a chick that enjoys eating cum, drinkin it, swallowin it whatever, as much as she does. she was talking about it so much before the scenes, that promised to try my best and have her swallow as much as we could get to her. unfortunately for her, Nat nutted so hard, it ended it up all over her face and in her eye. well i guess, we're going to have to stick the dick all the way in her mouth next time, to make sure that she catches every drop of cum. what a world!...